According to the statistic of Statistical Office of the European Union in July 2011, it showed that the population in 27 countries in EU was estimated to be 502.5 million people on January 1, 2011, which almost covered more than half of Europe. So it is an important regional integration organization in the world today. Such a huge consumer market and a very active economy create unlimited business opportunities for enterprises around the world. Therefore attract many companies to develop their business in EU.

However, if your product needs to enter the EU market, the most important thing you need to do is to gain the pre- access license in the EU. Registered an EU trademark is not only entitled with a permit to enter the EU, but also gain protection for the follow-up rights. Especially for those enterprises who regard Europe as an important overseas market, the action for trademark registration will also help the product to access to legal protection in the EU, enable enterprises to achieve long-term sustainable development in the EU market and to expand their business. Registered EU trademark can effectively save the cost of time and economy to register in individual countries.

The range for EU trademark registration application not only includes traditional trademarks such as words, logos, but also the new types of trademarks, like sound, smell, and appearance of the product and construct. A trademark application can cover three categories of goods or services.

Among them, the main features of EU trademark registration consist

1. Low cost: Only need to apply for registration for once, then you can use the trademark within 27 member countries of the EU. It can make you save a lot of cost compared to register the trademarks in member countries respectively.

2. Centralization for protection: the protection of a registered trademark can be available within all EU member countries, and the case of trademark protection ruling will be implemented in all EU countries.

3. The registered trademark can only be used in an EU country, and the use of the trademark in any of EU country is enough to fight against the proposed revocation request on the grounds of without using the trademark.

4.Enjoy the priority of Paris Convention: the unified trademarks names for one or more of the development of commodity or service can enjoy the priority after application for a Community trademark in members of the Paris Convention for six months.

5.The registered trademark in one EU member country, on the application of European trademarks, they can enjoy the priority.

Currently, there are 27 member countries in EU organization, including Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Malta, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria.

The application of EU trademark registration will be valid in the overall EU member countries. Therefore, once the EU trademark is registered, you can gain the protection from the 27 member countries of EU.