There is a way for you to save thousands of dollars by challenging you property tax bills; the first step is to find out if you are being over taxed. As the people who deal with the taxes have many different ways of checking home values, some of them just look at previous sales of some homes. Most of these tax assessor’s start to give out tax notices as early as the first of July.

The tax rates are different by city but there is a common rate of 1.2 percent of your assessed value. Your annual taxes can be check online at your tax assessor’s website; you also have to provide information of three different comparable sales which took place in the year 2008 in order to have a good case. The various real estate appraisers will offer this particular service for you for a fee, the method which the assessor uses to value your home is done around all the houses in the area you live.

And because this particular manner valuing your home can lead to your home being over valued and which will have to get a reassessment. You have the right to file an appeal in order to have your property reassessed so to ease some of the high yearly property tax. In the state of California people are paying double the amount of property taxes that they should be paying you will have to make sure you do not end up like these people.