By definition, a personal injury lawyer is one who provides legal support to those who have been injured psychologically or physically owing to the wrongdoing or negligence of a company, agency, government or a person. They have knowledge and experience in the field called tort law which involves non-economic or economic damages to the rights, properties or reputation of a person.

Accidents, negligence and wrongdoing are not an uncommon occurrence. People suffer from pain, hurt or heavy losses. These losses maybe caused by some other people, organisations or agencies. In such cases the victims are liable for compensation by the accused. Personal injury lawyers help the victims file a lawsuit against those responsible and get an adequate compensation. Apart from wrongdoing, these lawyers also deal with death due to negligence, medical malpractices and accidents caused during work. His salary depends on several factors such as qualification, experience, location, size of the firm, type of employer etc.


Like most attorneys, he must have completed a four-year bachelor degree along with a three-year law degree from a law school. After completing the education, the lawyers must pass a bar exam for the state where they wish to pursue their law practice. To become a full time lawyer or even to practice law they must complete their internship at a firm. If he wants to be a law firm partner then he must have many years’ experience. The salary is decided depending on the experience and the firm reputation.


One of the key factors in deciding personal injury lawyer salary is the cost of living of a state or a city. In states like Florida where the cost of living is relatively low the average salary lies in the range of $52,151 to $95,690 per annum. However, in places like California, the salaries lie in the range of $68,735 to $1, 21,818 per annum. This is owing to higher cost of living in California than Florida. In the United States, the national average salary for him ranges from $51,377 to $96,394 on a yearly basis.

Firm Size

Like many other industries, the establishment size is also a factor in considering the base salaries. A small law firm with about ten employees will pay a personal injury lawyer salary of $49,353 to $85,589 on an annual basis. For a medium-size firm with the number of employees in the range of 200 to 600 the personal injury lawyer salary ranges from $74,542 to $146,465 annually. If the firm has an employee capacity of 2000 to 5000, then a personal injury lawyer can expect salary ranging from $81,451 to $1, 64,196 per year.

Employer Type

Apart from working in law firms, personal injury lawyers have other options too. If the lawyer is working for government then the salary varies from $50,751 to $90,051 at local and state level. However, at the federal level, on an average, the personal injury lawyer salary is in the range of $71,821 to $121,006. If a personal injury lawyer is working for a non-profit organization, then he can expect an annual salary between $44,665 and $68,125. Self-employed lawyers earn the most. Their annual salary lies in the range $57,600 to $1,26,119.

While the salaries may seem attractive it is necessary that the lawyers do their work dutifully and with complete dedication so that the chance of a raise in a personal injury lawyer salary is increased.

When you decide to adopt a particular career one of the main factors that help you in deciding the career apart from your passion is the salary. Salary is a major factor in any field because you cannot survive without earning money. Like any other field personal injury lawyer [] is decided by several factors.