Neck injuries, primarily whiplash and soft tissue injuries, are without doubt the most common side effect of being involved in a road traffic accident with another vehicle. Thousands of accident claims every year are made by people who have injured their necks in accidents on the road. this article will highlight some general figures for compensation claims involving neck injuries, which are detailed in the 9th Edition of the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines.

Quite often, if you have been in an accident where the vehicle you were travelling in has been hit by another vehicle, the force of the impact will have left you with some form of soft tissue injury. This could be anything from minor bruising, if you are fortunate, up to severe soft tissue injuries that may leave you with lasting pain and discomfort.

Minor neck injury: Less than £1,000
At the lower end of the scale, some minor neck injuries might in fact be worth less than £1,000, which might mean a claim would have to be made through the small claims court, and you would not be able to recover any legal costs. However in cases such as these, it is worth seeking independent legal advice as it might be possible your injuries are worth over the £1,000 small claims limit.

Whiplash injuries/other minor soft tissue injuries: £850 – £8,750
Whiplash injuries and other minor soft tissue injuries to the neck are typically worth in the region of £850 to £5,000. Compensation towards the upper end of this range is paid out in cases where the recovery from the injury takes between 18 months and 2 years. In cases where a whiplash injury has taken longer than two years to recover from, or where you have been left vulnerable to further injury, the injury component of your claim would be worth £5,000 to £8,750.

Moderate neck injury: £8,750 – £16,000
Moderate neck injuries might include things like wrenching injuries and disc lesions, which might be likely to leave you with limited movement in your neck. The level of compensation you could expect to receive for injuries of this level would depend on factors like the degree of restriction to the movement of your neck. Somewhere between £8,750 and £16,000 would be what we would expect to recover for clients with these types of injuries.

Severe neck injury: £35,000 – £95,000
Severe neck injuries range from fractures and dislocations of the bones in the neck right through to incomplete paraplegia and injuries that might require you to wear a supporting neck brace 24 hours a day for several years after your accident. Severe neck injuries will be worth between £35,000 and £95,000, although cases at this level are very rare.

Being involved in an accident where you were not at fault can be, to put it mildly, an unpleasant experience. That is why accident lawyers and support staff are available to reassure you and to take the strain out of making a compensation [] claim against whoever was responsible for your accident and your neck injury.

Camps Solicitors can take care of your claim so all you have to concentrate on is recovering from your injuries and getting back on with your life. As well as recovering money for your injury, Camps Solicitors can also arrange for you to receive physiotherapy to help you to improve the movement in your neck and to reduce any aches or pains associated with your injury, or other medical intervention that an independent doctor recommends you to have.

For more information on the kinds of services we offer to people who have suffered neck injuries in accidents where they were not to blame view our neck injury claims page or visit our main site to learn more about making an accident claim.