There are several good reasons why you must consider certified organically grown products. However, the real reason might be slightly more complex than you think.

Health Hazards Arising From GMO Crops

The side effects of genetically modified foods range from skin lesions to allergies to respiratory problems. Scientists have expressed a need to carry out an intensive study of various unintended consequences occurring from genetic manipulation. People handling GMO crops have been reported to suffer from a series of illnesses as feared by scientists.

GMO’s organic certification prohibits any use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. This provision is reportedly being violated by a few too many. This has resulted in a multitude of far-reaching implications. There certainly is a need for strict laws to effectively deal with GMO violators.

Genetic Food Manipulation – International Investigative Reports And Laws

The devastating health hazards that can occur due to GMO crops, has been clearly noticed in India. Inferences have been drawn and relied upon on the basis of investigative reports from various other countries as well.

There isn’t any full proof tracking system within the US to comprehend the long-run health effects of genetically modified foods. This has made it easier for controversies to pave their way. There is a huge outrage among people and activists alike that manipulation within GMO’s must be stopped in its tracks.

Genetic Food Manipulation – Need For More Stringent Domestic And International Laws To Prevent Lapses

The Monsanto Chemical Company continues to remain in controversies on matters related to genetic manipulation. This company has developed a seed which contains Bt, a toxin utilized for pest control. This type of toxin can also be found in insecticides. Ironically, the crop bugs have developed resistance to these toxins. On the other hand, the poison has begun to cause deaths and illness in animals.

Chemical engineering or inorganic bio-chemistry deals with complex particles which are tiny enough to penetrate into the human cell. These nano-particles are capable of infiltrating virtually every cell in the human body. There seems to be a rising concern and anger among people over genetically modified food.

By definition, any food labeled as certified organic, is prohibited from being genetically modified. However, several foods continue to be genetically modified. This remains one of the prime concerns regarding food. The lapse is primarily due to the absence of stringent laws. There is a dire need for laws dictating that the consumers must be informed about any genetically modified foods.

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