Accidents in shops are quite common and just the same way that a customer who has been injured in a shop can put up an injury claim, a worker can also claim for compensation if he has been injured in a shop accident claims due to negligence. Workers can make personal injury claims if they have been injured in an accident that was caused by a co-worker or their employer. However, they will not be entitled to make an injury claim if the accident was their fault or occurred due to their own carelessness.

There are many types of accidents that shop and supermarket workers can get involved in. Given below is information on some of the common types of personal injury claims stemming from accidents involving shop or supermarket workers.

Slips and Trips

In busy retail environments such as shops and supermarkets, it is important to have a system of regular cleaning and inspection in place. It is essential that hazards and risks are assessed and steps are taken to reduce the likelihood of accidents taking place. In shops and supermarkets that have hard flooring, it is quite common for breakages and spillages to occur. Litter dropped on the flooring can also be a main cause of slips accidents.

Injuries Caused By Falling Objects

When goods on shop and supermarket shelves are not stacked properly, there is a risk that they may fall and injure someone below. If goods that have been stacked badly by someone else has fallen on you and caused injuries, you may be eligible to make injury claims. Head injury is the most common type of injury sustained as a result of getting struck by falling objects.

Accidents Caused By Lifting Heavy Objects

Where possible, heavy lifting tasks must be avoided in workplaces. But, if it is not possible to completely eliminate such tasks, employers must provide suitable equipment so that the amount of lifting involved can be minimised. In addition, members of staff must also be provided with adequate training on how to lift such objects safely and correctly. Some of the common types of injuries sustained in accidents caused by lifting heavy objects include arm injuries, foot injuries, back injuries and crush injuries.

Accidents Caused By Dangerous Machinery and Defective Equipment

In shops and supermarkets, a cage or a comp is commonly used to move goods around. If it has faulty wheels, it can cause serious accidents and injuries. Even equipments such as meat slicers which do not have a guard in place can cause injuries such as deep lacerations. In any case, if the accident was not your fault, you have the rights to make an accident claim.