Why A Defendant Must Hire A Lawyer For Criminal Proceedings

Hire A Lawyer For Criminal Proceedings, but why? Criminal law is a very vast field that encompasses a number of different crimes. These could include murder, manslaughter, tax fraud, embezzlement, robberies, breaking and entering, arson, and many others. Whatever the crime, the law of the land says that you are innocent until proven guilty. This means that the entire onus of assigning blame is on the prosecutor.

Why A Defendant Must Hire A Lawyer For Criminal Proceedings

Hire A Lawyer For Criminal Proceedings

The law also states that every citizen is allowed a fair trial before he or she is officially charged with any crime and sentenced for the same. So every suspect is allowed to hire legal representation to fight his or her case. If there is a situation where the defendant is unable to hire a lawyer then one is assigned to the case by the judge. Of course, the law also stipulates that the defendant can appear as one’s own counsel if he or she feels so.

In the case of criminal law the stakes are very high and in most cases, if sentenced you are looking at hard times. So it is always advisable to just hire a lawyer for criminal proceedings. The reason for this is that there are too many laws that govern that part of the legal system that you may not be completely aware of. The legal jargon can be extremely confusing and quite taxing.

If you decide to represent yourself the prosecutor will find it extremely easy to indict you. Another reason why you should hire an attorney is because there are a number of loopholes in the law that can be twisted in any way – to acquit you or to indict you. If you are not aware of these loopholes then the prosecutor may be able to use them to his advantage.

Another reason why you must hire an attorney is because of the many tasks that the attorney must carry out. Most people think that arguing the case in court is the only task the attorney must carry out. This is not so. He also has to gather all the evidence and present it such that it can prove the defendant’s innocence. The witnesses in the case also need to be prepared so that their testimonials can lead to proving the innocence of the defendant.

These tasks need to be done by a professional who is experienced so that there are no slips during the proceedings. These are the reasons that prove that it is important to hire criminal defense attorneys in the case of criminal proceedings.

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