Women, men, or children can become victims of a sexual crime. When this happens, the victim usually blames him or herself and may not even report it. If you have or are ever a victim of a sexual crime, you should report it as soon as it happens. That way you will not feel as if you are at fault for what happened. As soon as you get it off of your chest, the sooner you can heal.

Who You Should Speak With First?

You do not necessarily have to tell close friends or family members since they may say that you are partially at fault for what happened. Women and men should report it to the police and seek medical treatment for their injuries. They can also speak with a counselor who will help them heal from the trauma. Children may need to speak with a teacher or counselor at their school who can get them help immediately. If the child was sexually assaulted by a family member, the teacher and counselor will more than likely contact child and protective services to get the child out of the home. At the same time, the police will step in to arrest the individual.

Do Not Think Negative of Yourself

A sex crime committed against anyone is going to make them feel negative about themselves. They may even blame themselves for the incident. That is why it is important to have a support team when you are going through it. There are counselors, teachers, and close family and friends who are willing to boost your confidence up and listen to you when you need to vent. Get outside and begin doing things that you love to do. It is good to be around other people. That way the crime will not be on your mind all of the time.

Be Confident and Tell the Truth

When a sexual crime happens, it usually goes to court. You will need to hire a family attorney who handles sex crimes. The attorney will discuss with you what you can expect to happen in court, but to always be honest and confident. When the defense attorney tries to make it seem as if it was your fault, look at the attorney in his or eyes and answer the questions. The Judge and jury will know that the perpetrator had no right to violate you and nothing the defense attorney has to say can change that.

Being Your Life Over

Even though, the perpetrator took something from you, he or she cannot take away your life. You may have a new look on life by doing things that you thought were impossible for you to do, such as going back to school or applying for a new job. You may even decide to become a counselor to help other sex crime victims.